Sunday, December 12, 2010

visit to Ryan Neil in Portland, Or

Randy Knight brought me up to Ryan's new place near Portland. Randy let a few pigeons loose for training . Now Ryan's new place is just in the making. This is why he asked me to not post any pictures of trees and so. But I can tell you that this will be most stunning. This is the most impressive collection of conifer bonsai material that I have ever seen anywhere in more than 30 years. This will make bonsai history, I am sure.There are also quite a few already styled trees there. I left deeply impressed, I must say.

Ryan will be seen next on Noelanders Trophy in Belgium in January 2011. Don't miss that chance.


Anonymous said...

good looking guy, but I rather see his trees,


Anonymous said...

The guy spent 5 years as a student of Kimura! You should see his trees!