Sunday, December 12, 2010


These were a few glimpses into the December weekend. We decided that this from now on is a tradition. The next BEFORE WINTER WITH WALTER AND JIM will take place on Saturday/Sunday December 3/4, 2011 in Harrisburg.

The other big event as part of the International WP Bonsai Academy is Woodstock IV. It will take place on Friday/Saturday/Sunday April 1/2/3, 2011 at Nature's Way Nursery. We will have more than 200 new collected trees available.
On Monday, April 4 , there will be a full day workshop with WP on procumbens juniper with provided excellent material. Possibly JD will hold a workshop with Japanese maples KIYOHIME.
If you are ecxited already you can call Jim Doyle directly now under  1-717-545-4555 to register before the places are filled.

It will be possible to participate as
- full member two days
- full member one day
- silent observer for a fee one or two days
- lurker for free for 20 to 30 minutes to see what's going on and to decide whether you want to participate immediately or later

It will be possible to purchase exquisite collected American material right then for everyone. You don't need to take part in the Bonsai Academy for that. There will be a special discount just on these days.

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Anonymous said...

Walter - thank you for all your help at the workshop! I really enjoyed it again this year. Next year's is already on the calendar.