Monday, November 9, 2009

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2009 #5

Besides the exhibit, the demos and tree critiques plus lectures such a convention is a very important social event. This is the time to meet people, to discuss abut trees and ways to perform the art of bonsai.
The 11th Bavarian Bonsai days 2009 were quite successful in my eyes and I look forword to teh 12th ones in 2011.

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2009 #4

The two days were full of tree critiques. I did the whole exhibit seven times. It took about 90 minutes every time. My tree critiques are also lectures about the art of bonsai at the same time.

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2009 #3

Uli Ernst and his team worked on this old collected European spruce, Picea abies.

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2009 #2

The demo of Christian Przybilsky was very impressive with his monster pine. This was a garden tree in 2002.

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2009 #1

The 11th Bavarian Bonsai days (BBT 2009) took place in Bindlach near Bayreuth in Bavaria, Germany over the weekend November 7/8.

Here some major trees of the exhibit.