Saturday, May 23, 2009

visit to Alex

Today David and I were invited to Alex' place in the very south of Bavaria, Germany, about one hour away from my home. Lena was also invited but could not come. Too bad, because Alex still had this little gift that she gave him at our Christmas meeting. Anyway, we had lots of coffee and cake and juice and so. And also a lot of fun. Alex' collection is very nice as one can see, lots of goodies. David crawled right into some of them.
This was a very pleasing afternoon. Thank you Alex.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bonsai in Saarland-2009- the exhibit

Here some examples of the exhibit. These were trees of the club members who are all amateurs.

bonsai in Saarland-2009- Edo de Groot

Edo de Groot cam all the way from the Netherlands with a truck full of goodies. Edo brought his lovely wife who is from Indonesia. he will move to Indonesia soon as he has built the largest bonsai nursery there. Edo sells Indonesian bonsai all over the world.

bonsai in Saarland-2009- in Andreas' garden

Here is Andreas' paradise in Saarwellingen.

bonsai in Saarland-2009- in Markus' garden

Markus is one of the heavyweights in the Saarwellingen bonsai club. He has built his paradise as you can see.