Friday, November 21, 2008

God Bye South America

What a wonderful trip this was. I made so many new friends and met old ones. I will come back, tht#s for sure. Thank you all for your hospitality.

Montevideo, Uruguay
and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bonsai in Brazil # 4

I was very lucky to have been offered this boxwood (Buxus smepervirens) for a demo. It must have been brought as a cutting to Brazil more than 100 years ago from German settlers. This is prime bonsai mateial and I am very yelaous; it would fit into my collection very well.. This is the best buxus material I have evee seen; at least for my way of styling it like a very old tree in Brazil which absolutely does not want to look like a bonsai. The virtuals show where the future is. I hope very much to see this tree again and be able to possibly work on it once more.

Bonsai in Brazil # 3

There was an exhibt with a contest. Brazilians seem to go for samll and very small bonsai. By far the most popular size is shohin (25 cm and smaller) there.

Bonsai in Brazil # 2

I handled two workshops with very eager students from beginner to quite advanced. The material was mostly indigenous.