Friday, September 26, 2008

Ponderosas of Don Guilliams

These two ponderosa pines are owned by Don Guilliams. Don was my host in Seattle and I thank him very much. Among other trees we worked on these two. The first one should be planted more to the right. I made a quick virtual to show .

Puget Sound

On the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton in the Puget Sound. What a country!

Elandan Gardens, Dan Robinson

Dan Robinsaon and also Jason Gamby at Elandan Gardens, the great bonsai garden in Bremerton in the Puget Sound, south of Seattle.

Pacific Northwest Bonsai Convention 2008 #6

My ponderosa pine demo. Pinus ponderosa, about 300 years old, collected by Randy Knight. The tree was auctioned off for US$ 2,200. so it was not as bad as it seems from the images here.

Pacific Northwest Bonsai Convention 2008 #5

My Scots Pine demo. Pinsu sylvestris, nursery grown, pretty high, very dense. I tried to style it like the ponderosa pines which grow a lot in the Spokane area. The tree did not get finsihed, of course. What you see is what I could do in two hours, mostly talking though. Images courtesy of Dennis Houwke. Thank you Dennis.