Sunday, December 12, 2010


Jim Doyle did an intensive on maples as part of the program. He used several Japanese maples KIOHIME as examples. Students then could edit some too. there will be about 20 of these available in April at Nature's Way Nursery. As one can see the stumps have enormous potential. Within three years they can be grown into spectacular big bonsai.


Anonymous said...

Walter - how heavily should these maples be fertilized the year after they are cut way back as an inital styling/pruning? The one I have is still in a nursery mix as it came from Randy. Do they also take full sun?

Walter Pall said...

The maples should be fed very well with lots of nitrogene. Organic in the beginning of May would be very good. Chemical before that. Nursery mix is alright. They do take full sun as long as it is around up to 85 ° Farenheit. When it gets hotter and especially when the humidity is low you shold put them in half shade. In late summer you place them in full sun again.