Monday, April 28, 2008

EBA 2008 awards

This most imressive mugo pine by Marc Noelanders won lots of awards.
The Rocky Moutinj Juniper did not do too bad either.

EBA 2008, people

Vaclav Novak from Chzechia
Marc Noelanders from Belgium
Udo Fischer from Germany
Adriano Bonini from Italy
Wolfgang Putz from Austria

EBA 2008, the interview

Austrian national television broadcasted a brief interviwe with me.

EBA 2008 the New Talent Contest

The first one is the guy from Italy who won the contest. There were more contestants than I have images of.

EBA Convention 2008 in Vienna, th trees

These are not all trees that were there. I only show the ones of which I was able to make a decent shot. The super-hammer mugo pine is by Marc Noelanders and it won the overall grand prize.