Thursday, June 21, 2007

exhibit in the Nymphenburg park - part 4

1) Acer campestre
2) Acer palmatum
3) Pinus ponderosa
4) Pinus sylvestris
5) Harald Lehner, who is responsible for thsi exhibit and will be there for a week

exhibit in the Nymphenburg park - part 3

1) Juniperus scopulorum
2) Fagsu creanata
3) Larix decidua
4) Juniperuis chinensis
5) Azalea indica
6) Acer palmatum
7) Fagus crenata
8) Pseudocydonia sinensis
9) Azalea indica

exhibit in the Nymphenburg park - part 2

1) Acer palmatum
2) Malus halliana
3) Quercus suber
4) Acr palamatum
5) Acer palamatum
6) Pinsu mugo
7) Pinus mugo
8) Acer palmatum

some trees of the exhibit:

exhibit in the Nymphenburg park - part 1

Nymphenburg castle is the main castle of the King of Bavaria in Munich. The Porcellain Factory is part of it. It is celebrating the 260th birthday on June 21, 2007. We are having a bonsai exhibit in the park of the Factory. Harald Lehner and I are exhibiting 30 trees , 15 each. Here the overview of the exhibit. The big figurines are of porcellaine made by the factory.

Today was one of the highlights of my life. I had 45 private minutes with His Royal Majesty Franz of Bavaria to explain the trees and the art of bonsai. The King was most interested and impressed. He will be a bonsai enthusiast from now on. I am waiting for permission to show two photographs with him.

Well, Bavaria technically is not relly a kingdom anymore. But lots of people ignore this. I think Franz of Bavaria would be much better than what we have as politicians.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Versailles 200 7, the social side

As all around the world this convention was about meeting people, seeing old friends an making new ones. But maybe even more so.

The convention dinner beat everything that I ever have experienced in the world. And it probably was the cheapest oen too. All participants were asked to bring a few things, like wine, cheese, pickles, bread, sausabe, ham etc. The result were 50 diferent sorts of excellent cheese, more than 50 difernt excellent sors of wine, liquer, schnaps, pickles, crackers, bread, sweets, stuff all over the plac. Unbelievable!
No speeches and absolutely no utterly superfluous raffles.

Thank you very much for your great hospitality!

Versailles 2007, the demos - part 8

I asked to NOT have to do a conventional demo. I believe that they ar NOT doing the job of teaching well, they are often NOT entertaining, people learn the WRONG thing (namely that a tree can be brought to full beauty within a few hours), and many trees are killed or weakened severely.
I did two long tree inspirations (marketing term for extended tree critique) and a few tree critiques for a smaller circle.
But then I smuggled in a short demo on a shohin Japanes black pine just
to show that I could also do this.


Versailles 2007, the demos - part 7

Thierry Lorillard et Maria Simoes from Portugal worked on this huge Pinus sylvestris.

Versailles 2007, the demos - part 6

Eric Mousqué brought a high Pinus sylvestris.

Versailles 2007, the demos - part 5

Olivier Barreau worked on a Chinese juniper.

Versailles 2007, the demos - part 4

Francois Gau also worked on a big boxwood.