Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Noelanders Trophy 2013 # 14

That was it, Europes largest and most important bonsai convention, Noelanders Trophy 2013. Thousands of vistors and great trees, state of the art in most cases. This convention is still growing, it was better than last year. There may well be much more space for trees and traders next year. We all are looking forward to be there. the place to be on the third weekend of January.

I thank Marc Noelanders and Luc Nagels and their team for a great job.

Noelanders Trophy 2013 # 12

Bonsai people:

lunch of the big guys

Werner Busch and Robert Steven

Suthin Sukosolvisit

Luis Valejo and Enrico Savini

Enrico Savini

Luis Valejo

Werner Busch

Marc Noelanders

Robert Steven

Peter Warren

Davide Benavente

Gordon Duffet

Noelanders Trophy 2013 # 12

Demos Werner Busch from Germany, with two Scots pines, Pinus sylvestris; assitants Dirk and Luan.

Noelanders Trophy 2013 # 11

Demos Suthin Sukosolvisit from USA with Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, and mugo pine, Pinus mugo; assistant Peter Warren from England.

Noelanders Trophy 2013 # 10

Demos Enrico Savini from Italy with mugo pines, Pinus mugo.