Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seminar "findig the potential in material" at Wolfgang Kaeflein's place

On Saturday, Augst 30 we had teh seminar "how to tell potential in raw maerial" ar Wolfgang Kaeflein's place. As always this was a lot of fun for all participants. More than 30 folks came to learn all day about this.

Images are courtesy of jupp, nobi and schnappi from Germany. Thank you.

The next seminar will be on November 1st at Wolfgang Kaeflein's place. Jim Dyole from Harrsiburg, PA and I will do an all-day tree critique. You bring as mayn bonsai as fit into your car and we will analyse them in public.

On Apricl 25, 209 the next seminar about finding potential in material will take place at Wolfgang Kaeflein's place.