Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visiting Ryan Neil in Portland, Or

During a recent visit to Ryan Neil with Randy Knight I could see the progress at his place compared to last year. There are a couple of hundred most outstanding trees in this nursery already and more to come. I cannot show the trees because at this time of the year in winter storage they would look lousy. Trust me, this nursery gives reason for the highest hopes. This will become a bonsai Mecca, the place to go. I am very sure of that. I look forward to meet Ryan again at Noelanders Trophy 2012 in January in Belgium don't miss that, it is the biggest show in Europe.

Workshop in Portland, Or Dec. 6, 2011 #2

This was the workshop in Portland of 2011.
The next one will happen on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.
On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 I will hold a lecture "Bonsai Styles - the Naturalistic Bonsai Style" at the Portland club in the evening.

Randy Knight will administer that workshop. We accept participants either full day of half day. Silent observes for a fee are welcome. Lurkers can look for 30 minutes for free whether they want to participate now or in the future.
Call Randy 1-503-396-6323 or write him oregonbonsai(at) to put you on the mailing list and to register

Workshop in Portland, Or #1

A few days ago we had a workshop in Portland, Or, organized by Randy Knight. See for yourself what was going on.