Monday, September 19, 2011

Potenzialerkennung in Linda #3 the second day - workhop

Workshop all day long with trees that participants had brought with them or acquire at the venue.
We may well have the same event in Linda in two years from now.

Thank you Peter for some of these photographs and for organizing the whole weekend so well. Thank you Uwe for hosting the event. Thank you Walter for assisting me for two days.

Potenzialerkennung in Linda #2 the first day - tree inspiration

The day started with selection of material by some participants. Then a long lecture about how to judge potential in raw material. Then all trees (around 50) were analyzed individually in depth. This I call 'tree inspiration' instead of 'tree critique'.
A nice convention evening later on.

Potenzialerkennung in Linda #1 the venue

The bonsai garden in Linda, Germany is not so well kn won yet. But it is quite impressive. All trees are from the own nursery, all trees are home made!!! The quality is excellent , the prices are embarrasingly low to my feeling. Uwe Kroetenheerdt runs this place with his lovely wife.