Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bulgaria 2009 - good bye and see you again

WP received the honorary membership of the Bulgarian bonsai Club.
In the speeches we called this a historical event which was the start of a lot more to come. i look forward to come back next year.
Thank you martin Agirov for organizing this all, thank you all members of the club who worked so hard, thanks to the sponsors and thanks to Anja the most competent translator and educator about Bulgarian history and culture.
It was a great weekend.

The photographs come from Peter Migarov, Martin Agirov and WP

Bulgaria 2009 - culture

On Monday a visit to the great Russian-Orthodox Christian Cathedral and to the medieval monastery in the rocks. On candle was lit for the dead and one candle for the living.

Bulgaria 2009 - the Black Sea

Varna was a very popular tourist resort during Socialist Time and now is for the whole of Europe.

Bulgaria 2009 - the main demonstration

On Sunday afternoon finally the main demonstration took place. I was offered to do a nursery crawl and very quickly found an enormous treasure. There was this Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea pungens in a plastic container. I have never seen anything close in quality of that species coming from a nursery. On some forum I even wrote to forget nursery grown Colorado Blue Spruce totally because they just are no good. Well, this one is as good as a collected one and even better. So I spent about three hours mutilating the thing and speaking about what I did and why and other stuff. In the very end is a virtual of what this could look like on a stone.