Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sean Smith in Pennsylvania

Recently I met Sean Smith who is a famous bonsai artist from Pennsylvania. He sometimes works at nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pa.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Walter for yr post about Sean. Once again you demonstrated your fine taste, knowledge and appreciation of the bonsai world: not only for trees but for the art itself.

Proprietor of Custom Oriental Woodcraf, Sean Smih is indeed a well-known and well-rounded American bonsai and suiseki artist. Always in the search for understanding Sean studied in Japan with highly regarded Japanese masters: the art of bonsai, the art of suiseki,daiza carving, scroll making, the art of tea, as well as Rinzai Zen(at Daikotuji temple in Kyoto).
His exquisite daiza can be found in the finest collections around the world and have received the highest accolades in Japan.

Sean's workshops and lectures are real treat:it is simple incredible to watch a true craftsman at work.
Mr Smith makes a great teacher that shares his knowledge and gives advice in a very friendly and generous way.

Here is the link to Sean's article "Suiseki - The personal art".