Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second South-East-European Bonsai Symposium #6

Now this will bring tears to many eyes, I know. We found a few outstading shohin. On the images it looks like this should be easy and you could also do it. Well, you will not find them without local scouts. You will not know where and how to get permission. To get the trees out is about five times harder than in Germany and other places, because of the rocks and the lack of tight root balls. You will have to drive tvelve to twenty hours one way. You will have to cross four borders and show phytosanitary documents and answer nasty questions. You have to get phytosanityry documents locally. Stones are everywhere! And very poisenous vipers are not rare at all! To really scare you off you have to understand that there was a fierce war there fifteen years ago. In many areas there are still mines and shells. I wish you good luck.

These are Carpinus orientalis, Fraxinus ornus and Cornus mas. Some unfortunately don't have too many roots. We will see. BTW, goats are even better than sheep in proparing material.

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