Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second South-East-European Bonsai Symposium #1

This past wekend I spent in Kroatia. After last year's symposim proved to be a big success we had the second one in Kastel Vitturi. Here a few glimpses of the venue.

The old castel
with marina
Split at the horizon
group foto ( people came from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegr and macedonia)
Walter looking at the sea and dreaming


Anonymous said...

I must say that it was even better then last year. You have suprised me ... regardless of bonsai, you have touched my soul.... again and again!

One bonsaist on our forum was in wonder, after he has seen our posts after this even: “Whats happend to all of you people, you are talking only about love, like you were on Woodstock, and not on bonsai conference.”

We learned a lot, and we became more friendly to each other!

Regards from Croatia!

Anonymous said...

My soul is fulfilled and now it is my turn to share it ... untill the next convention ...