Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second South-East-European Bonsai Symposium #5

Then on Monday the unforgettable collecting day. Here the monster raft of Carpinus orientalis. There are thousands of good treees, but very few really good ones. And then it is extremely hard work. It took more than two hours for five people to get this one out. These trees are sheep grazed for decades. The shepard helped us find it. The last images are in my garden 36 hours later. This may not look like very much to many. But believe me, this is the best hornbeam raft material that I have ever seen. It will take ten years of development to let it shine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter.
Usually there is recommendation for preparing tree to be collected for 1-2 years by preparing root system. Here it look you took this one out on first sight, right? Does tree has big chances of survival without long long-lasting preparation of roots?

Walter Pall said...


great recommendations if your tree is more than 14 hours drive away from you.
The tree survived very well and looks happy and green by now.
We know what we are doing. In general.