Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second South-East-European Bonsai Symposium #3

On Saturday evening her was the obligatory convention dinner. Without any speeech!!! Or did I speak?
On Sunday then there was an ongoing workshop all day.
Here Marija and Andrija, the organizers of the whole symposium, with their phantastic collected Carpinus orientalis. This is the informal broom form, the style is naturalistic. well, a PALLSAI, as they say.

The first image shows the Cration Televison crew taking shots. The symposium was mentioned to some extent at the Croatian Main Television news at prime time. I don't even think the Bosnai World Convention in Munich 2001 was mentioned on major TV news. What a success for the Dalamtian Bonsai Club, led by Marija!

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Anonymous said...

Here it is - clip from central news.