Tuesday, May 22, 2007

EBA 2007, the demos - part 7

Mr Takeo Kawabe was the main headliner of the convention. He was on for a demo on Saturday afternoon. It proved to be very different than the normal demos. I am sure that he wanted to make a point. The point was that the regular demos are counterproductive, kill trees, put the artist above the tree, mis-educate the audience. I could not agree more!
He had a clearly world class juniper which was basically finished a year ago. It was outgrown though because he left it alone for a year. Mr. Kawabe spent one hour to just paint all dead parts with lime suphur. Then he edited the new growth for another 90 minutes. And then it was finished. Sure enough, it was a world class juniper. He made clear that such a thing takes twenty years or more and one could only get there with constant care and attention, taking as much time as necesary. He was absolutely against hacking back trees on stage.

See some pictures of the 'demo'

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Anonymous said...

Thats a juniper from Danny Use from Ginkgo Bonsai in Belgium