Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bonsai in Croatia - part 3

Marija and Andrea are teh driving force of teh Dalamtian bonsai club. They were instrumental in putting this whole weekend together very successfully.

Here Maria and Andrea and some of their plants. They don't have too many finished bonsai yet, but they will have outstanding ones vey soon as you can see from the kind of material that they are collecting. They are now past a rather naive state in the bonsai hobby and starting to be quite sophisticated. I am definitely sure that we will see a lot more of this couple.

1) Marija
2) Andrea
3) to 5) Olive stumps with a grand future
6) Carpinus orientalis, also a grea discovery. This ahs teh smallest foliage of all hornbeams and is VERY well suited for bonsai. We will see great bonsai from this species!
7) Phyllyrea latifola, THE discovery for bonsai! This is going to be a very famous species for bonsai. Like Pemphis in Indonesia. They are readily availabe, easily collectibe in outstanding quality. Sheep have formed these over many years. They are tough and one can start styling almost immediately. This plant is ofthe olive family, but even better than wild olives.
8) Phyllyrea and olive

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