Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bonsai in Croatia - part 16

Here the loot. American organizers look at this! They gave me all the demonstration trees as main fee plus some extra. No such outlandish thing as raffling off a demo tree. I am not the only one who really hates this custom which is ONLY good for the treasurer.

1)and 2) Phyllorea plus virtually potted.This shows the exceptional qualities of the species. How often can you produce something like this six months after collecting? I think this is only possible with tropicals normally.

3) and 4) Hornbeam, Carpinsu orientalis, with future outline

5) and 6) Black pine. I have good news for all who were concerned about the health of the tree. It is true that at this time of the year a black pine normally must already have at least candles. It rained a lot in the past days here. The buds swell and I am sure they will come wihtin the next couple of weeks. I am very happy with this one.

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