Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bonsai in Croatia - part 10

On the long drive back I saw this waterfall in Austria in Carinthia.

This was a delightful weekend and I really look forward to come back in spring of 2008. It is also possible that as an offspring of this I will come to Zagreb and Ljubljana in 2008.

What a life!

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Anonymous said...

I use to be a teacher. A few years ago I was working in primary and high school with students. I had my own teaching style and students like it. Also my colleague thought that I have a gift for this job. Now I am working in Botanical garden. Why am I saying that?
Last weekend I was with others bonsai enthusiasts in Kaštela with MR. Walter Pall. I can say, and I think that I have some experience in this, that he is a great teacher. First of all he knows WHAT to say, HOW to say that and he can feel if audience understand what he was saying. At any time during his work you can stop him and ask whatever you wont and you will get your answer immediately. This are just few things that I notice and from which I can say HE IS A GREAT TEACHER. After three hours of listening I was still focused at his presentation and I did't feel boring or tired, not at any moment. And I know that psychologists teaching us that concentration is getting down after one and a half hours. That was not a problem with Mr. Pall.
I must says that he has a great sense od humor. He is never rude, even when he has to say critics about trees he is very deliberate. That doesn't means that he wouldn't says what is his opinion about trees, that means that he will said critics in way that he wouldn't insult you, your feeling for your tree and he wouldn't devaluate your efforts got in you tree. And of course, first he will say all good things that you done on your tree. And this is also one of teachers quality (HE said: If this is my tree I will....).
I am still full of your words. They still 'jumping' in my head. And I like it. It is a pity that you can't understand croatian and read all this great words that people in croatia wrote about you and they experience on our bonsai forum. It is much easier to all of us to say that in our maternal language.
I am looking forward to see you and working with you again.