Thursday, April 19, 2007

visit to Wolfgang Kaeflein

1) Wolfgang Kaeflein, the man who has collected more than 20,000 trees
2) How do I ever get this into my car or a pot?
3) this is how, just drop it on the ground
4) the bear and the hornbeam
5) Endless Austrian black pines for workhops
6) Austrian black pines from nursery material
7) this is going to be some workshop in a couple of years

8) Scots pines form nursery material - endless


Anonymous said...

Can you give me full phone/fax number for contact Mr.Kaflein. On his web page is only: Telefon/ Fax 06296- 789, missing numbers for calling out of Germany.
Rajko Podgornik

Walter Pall said...


the number is:


He has NO E-mail, NO mobile phone.
Tell my name and that I sent you and you will get preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will tell him.
See you in Belgium!