Tuesday, April 3, 2007

New England Bonsai - the Sierra Juniper part 1

This is at New England Bonsai in Bellingham, Massachusetts, not far from Boston. This is a great place with exiting material.

On March 24 and 25, 2007 I was scheduled to do a long demo in the mornings and woekshops in the afternoons. This great piece of material comes from California where it was collected by a jJaense man about 50 years ago, as Hitoshi said. The man had this tree in a pot for all that time and never ever has done any styling with it. How amzing that is! I looked at this tree and immediately fell in love with it. I found an excellent possibility immediately and wonderdd why nobody else has done anything with it before. Well, good for me. It is apparent foro the pictures that the tree is far too high for most. In the beginning it was about 150 cm high, 5 feet. And then it does not lend itself to any popular bonsai style at all. But it seems to cry 'literat' to me. Well, it has flaws for a classical literati: too much deadwood, too pronounced, the possible branches very high and somehow not at the right positions. Maybe this is why it was not worked on yet. So I decided to make a modern literati from it.

Pictures as of March 24, 2007

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