Monday, April 9, 2007

The twisted ponderosa pine

This one was collected in Colorado in spring of 2006. Normally one would leave a tree like this alone for around five years and then start styling or repotting. I have found that too many of these trees go downhill over many years until they eventually die. Some are happy from day one and look good after many years. These are often the ones which were barerooted. I believe in taking off ALL original soil very soon. Therefore I repotted this beast in March 2007. This is risky, of course, and the tree might die. I think the danger of it not dying right away but then going downhill is much bigger.
This is one of the most impressive ponderosa pines that I ever saw.


Jason said...

Hi Walter,

While I agree that it is a very good tree and one I would like to have in my own collection your statement of it being "The very best ponderosa you have ever seen" is a pretty big statement. I know you have seen thousands of them over the years. What is it about this one that sets it apart from the other really good ones you have seen?
Of course, I am only looking at pictures of it here so it is hard to really see the justice in the tree.

Take care, Jason

Walter Pall said...

Hi partner,

I was hoping you would not find this. :-) Well I have seen many and it certainly is one of the best. Very certainly the best that I have. It is because of the great twists and shari. On a picture one cannot really see the full quality,as you know.

At Oregon Bonsai there are a few which match this one for sure. Fair enough?

Jason said...

Too funny! Well, I found it!! I like the tree a lot and wasn't trying to compare it to our trees at all. I was simply wanting to know what made it stand out so much compared to the other 10 thousand you have seen. You answered my questions though and one day I hope to see this tree in person. See Ya soon!