Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nick Lenz part 4

Nick is a keen fish breeder.In fact we spoke much more about fish than about trees. Would you believe it, I was a fish expert as juvenile. The colors of this discus fish are genuine. Nick had to put a mortgage on his house to buy it. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, nice reports on your visit to Massachusetts, New England Bonsai is an hour away for me, but I get there as often as I can.
Mr Lenz, what can I say, great artist, and from meeting him at workshops, very good teacher, very interesting person. Good to see the 2 of you together.

Thank You for sharing your experiances. Beautiful sierra Juniper by the way, it gives me some clues for the one I have.

Bill aka Mcspeed @ bonsai talk

Anonymous said...

The discus was only $125 as an adult. Sometimes, petstores have no clue what has been placed with them. This is likely a Kitti First of Universe grade B. He was very savage towards me when guarding his babies, jumping out of the water to bite the fingers that feed.

I mortgage nothing at my age, although I would try my wife.

The head like things are just lawn stones placed up for the winter. Everyone should have these in their lawn to inhibit mowing.

Anonymous said...

First an foremostest - Thank you!! for spending much of yur time with us all on tha "net" Critiquein', infirmationalizing an pituresquin. Scincere Appluad !

Tha eldah statesmanz a da wirld playin' nice-
more like minded than diffent.
Arrogant bastahds ta both of yee'z-
little chidren, mindz of good men
grown adultz, Playin' wid treez

Wuz fun wid ya Heir Waltah, Enlightning fir sure. Will see yuz next year at NEBG - bettuh beer, less altitude.