Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bonsai in Oregon - Ryan Neil

Ryan Neil's place is situated in St. Helens, close to Portland, Oregon. I was lucky to have been there recently and was allowed to take and publish photographs. As we all know photographs of a collection take in the garden without a tripod usually turn out to be very bad. They never do justice to the real quality of trees. Anyway, take the shots shown and imagine a MUCH better quality when you are there yourself. Thees are only pictures of trees which I could easily take or trees which are rather advanced already. Altogether these are about 10 % or less of the trees there. The others are of same quality or potential. This is by far the biggest gathering of breathtaking trees that I have ever seen. This is the result of about four years work. Imagine what this place will e in twenty years. It's beyond belief.

The trees are mostly Rocky Mountain Juniper - Juniperus scopulorum, Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa, Lodgepole pine, Pinus contorta, Sierra juniper , Juniperus occidentalis, Limber pine, Pinus flexilis, redwood -Sequoia sempervirens. They were all collected in the USA.
Since decades I keep telling my American friends 'you have the best bonsai material in the world' and they would not believe me. Well, take a look.

See much better pictures on Ryan's site:

International Bonsai Mirai

If I understood correctly then this is an important historical tree, a Californian juniper, being the last one of John Nakas's great trees that is still in good shape. Ryan has refurbished it to its old glory.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Walter for posting these pictures giving everyone the opportunity to see this young mans talents.
What apity that on other forums there is a lack of artistic talent!

Crust said...

Americans, after a long period of stagnation and inwardness since the 80’s, may have reached a time of ascending development in bonsai. A surge of serious students, turned professional, are seemly breaking through mediocrity and are focusing on works of the highest level using material of the highest level. Just as the great old dogs of American bonsai lean back after reaching their zenith, so rise new stars focused and refined at the starting, seeped in sedulity.