Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bonsai Academy in Brazil 2012 #1

Two weeks ago I spent five days in Brazil. I stayed at the Golf Hotel of THERMAS, which is near Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais, a place where a large golf course and a family amusement center are next to each other. This place was built by Francisco Carlos Correa, who was my host there. Franciso has a large tree nursery for his place. Eighteen years ago he stated to do bonsai, not knowing much though. he took a few hundred junipers, put thick wire around them and made bundles which he planted. He says it is Juniperus communis. I rather think it is Juniperus procumbens. Anyway, they grow VERY well in the tropical climate twelve months a year. Thus in eighteen years they have diameters from 8 to 16 cm (3 to 6 inches). He then put wire around the branches and grafted thousands of Itoigawa junipers onto these trees. They look strange, but when looking closer I could see many which are excellent bonsai material also for European standards. In Brazil this is unique, the otherwise have almost no conifers.
Francisco also make a few hundred Caliandra, the nice flowering tree to excellent bonsai material. Then he is collecting large and very large Brazilian trees to form into bonsai. Franciso's dream is a bonsai museum in the amusement park. He is also willing to sell raw material.
Thank you Francisco for your great hospitality.

THERMAS: Rodovia BR 040 Km 497 (entre e Sete Lagoas) Minas Gerais


okshurdna said...

can usual juniperus will be healthy without winter relax?

Walter Pall said...

Most junipers can not. the only one is Junipers procumbens that can stand a climate without cold winter.
In my opinion these are Juniperus provcumbens although the owner says they are Juniperus communis.