Monday, December 10, 2012

Bonsai Academy in Harrisburg, Pa 2012 #1

By now it has become a tradition that the International Bonsai Academy stops at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania by the end of November to beginning of December. it's called "Winter with Walter and Jim". Jim being Jim Doyle.
Folks of all levels arrive, many have trees with them in their cars, some raw material, some trees in development and some finished trees. They all bring their trees into the greenhouse. Then everybody is asked to search the nursery for a piece of material that they would be interested to work on. I search the nursery for challenging material. Then there will be a tree lengthy inspiration (tree critique) in which we discuss the trees and analyze options. Then people are let loose on the trees to do what we agreed upon under my mild guidance. This can be quite valuable trees. Nobody has to buy a tree before or after, but they can. Many actually do. There is usually a sales discount for this weekend only.
Trees are all American material: Ponderosa pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, lodgepole pines, Alpine firs, Colorado blue spruce, Engelman spruce, limber pine and others plus fat Japanese maples and others stuff grown in America.

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