Wednesday, November 9, 2011

International Bonsai Academy in Serbia #4

After the introductory lecture a long series of 'tree inspirations' followed. It's called 'tree inspiration' and not 'tree critique' because it is not in any way negative and only constructive. All trees are analyzed, the pros and cons are mentioned. Lots of horticultural and artistic aspects are mentioned. In the end one or several solutions are offered. Nothing is really done to the trees physically.

This way of teaching has proved to be much better than the standard demonstration. It is much more educational and entertaining. Folks can much better relate to the trees since it is theirs or it looks like theirs. I try to avoid demonstrations by all means as this is so much better. Unfortunately most organizers are not aware of this.

Milica was my most competent translator during the whole weekend. Thank you Milica!


Jerry Norbury said...

Were there any videos shot of this event Walter?

Walter Pall said...

yes, just about every move was shot. The videos will be available soon, I hope.