Monday, November 28, 2011

International Bonsai Academy in Croatia 2011 - #3

This is a unique tree. It is a vine which has foliage like cannabis. But it certainly is not cannabis. We still call it 'marihuana-tree' for a better name. This particular one has deadwood on top which looks much like a filigrane scull of a cow. Together with the cannabis foliage this seems to be an ideal candidate for a halloween bonsai exhibit. I love it.


xtolord said...

That's an impressive taper flow and deadwood :)
I could not really make out the details of the leaves - do you have it elsewhere? Does it bloom?

Walter Pall said...

The leqaves ar on the first image and on the blog pages from July 2011. It does bloom apparently, I understand blue. We'll see.