Tuesday, November 1, 2011

International Bonsai Academy in France #6

A weekend with the International Bonsai Academy is much more than just two days of workshops with trees. It is about friendship, about learning and about inspiration. The times we are together outside of the seminar room is just as important as the workshops themselves. There is a strong dedicated group of people in Strasbourg, France who will do the same thing again on October 20/21, 2012.
Do you want to participate? In the Strasbourg weekend the working language is German, very little French is spoken! In Alsass, France many folks speak German fluently. So If your language is German, you can apply to participate. Write to Daniel Heckel in German: daheckel(at)estvideo.fr

Einladung: Die Geschäftssprache bei den Seminaren des Strassburger Vereins ist Deutsch. Man muss überhaupt nicht französisch sprechen um daran teil zu nehmen. Wer interssiert ist, bitte and Daniel Heckel auf Deutsch schreiben: daheckel(at)estvideo.fr

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