Monday, May 11, 2009

Nature's Way Nursery 2009-1- the giant juniper repotted

This is one of the most phenomenal junipers that I have ever seen. It is a Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, more than 2,000 years old. It was collected three years ago and now was the time to get it out of the box into the first decent bonsai pot. Kip helped me to tame the monster. Next year I will start to style this magnificent piece of material. Life is good to me!


Shaukat Islam said...


This monster is a goldmine! I can well imagine your happiness and contentment to work on this tree.

You must have chopped off the roots considerably to plant it in the new shallow pot.

1) What potting mixture you have used to prompt new roots?

2) What is the normal 'recovery time' after potting, for such a large tree?


Walter Pall said...

Yes, Shakat, one can buy it, but it is not cheap!

1)pure pumice
2)one year if the roots are good. If the roots are bad up to ten years.


Wolfgang said...

Nice "baby", Walter! ;o)

avicenna said...

A surely impressive tree..., however, allow us to hold our feets on the ground... if he has an age of 400 years, he is already very old... such exaggerations lead to nothing...

Walter Pall said...


you apparentyl don't know enough about these junipers and pines. You have no clue! I had a tree with SMALLER diameter of this kind which died. We cut the trunk and counted the rings. 2,262 (twothousandtwohundredsixtytwo).
We have cout may trunks and branches and it is the same all over: at least 100 rings per inch, sometimes 150 and more. So where is the exaggeration here. This tree may even be much older than that! This is an understatement really.


Anonymous said...


"Someone with an opinion is always outranked by someone with an experience"--David Hart

Awesome tree

Unknown said...

I don't know if this ia an innapropriate comment, but how much does a tree like that cost in American dollars? It is one of the most beautiful tree I have ever seen, the potential for design is fantastic

Walter Pall said...

Sean, I think the present price tag is 15 grand. This is not much in my opinion for such a tree. in Europe it would be two or three times that.