Friday, May 8, 2009

Nature's Way Nursery 2009-1-day 1

At Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania we have what by now is the 'traditional Collected Tree Harrisburg-Woodstock 2009'. It takes place every year at the end of April and is about working with collected trees. This time we had sixty new arrivals. this was a record.
On the first day Walt, Paul, Flex, Mike, Tom, Eric, Ryan,Susan, Doan, lam and others joined in. The workshop is very colorful. We walk through the nursery and do tree critiques of whatever we find there in collected material. Then we pull out one and speak about what has to be done. And then we do it. At this time of the year it is often re potting of big trees. At one point I let my students loose on quite expensive material - and they enjoy it.

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Wolfgang said...

The yamadori material is getting better and better ..... - Unbelievable!
Who must be the teacher of this bonsai students? ;o)