Monday, May 11, 2009

Nature's Way Nursery 2009-1- the euonymus demo

This is an Euonymus europaea, burning bush, which was cut out of a very old hedge. On Sunday I did this as demo. The purpose was to show what could be done with such material to bring it one step further. The aim was nto to end up with a great lookingh bonsai, but with material that will be a great bonsai in a few years.


kevin said...

Hi Walter,
Its a small world! I collected those trees while I was living in Oregon. I had traded them because I was moving to eastern Canada and couldn't keep them all. They weren't hedges but were in fact chewed daily by Nutria, a South American beaver like creature that now lives in Oregon. They were from a park on a man made island built in the 60's. I'll send you an email of the one I kept!

Walter Pall said...


thanks for enlightening us. Yes, the world has become small. Now your trees are world famous.