Friday, May 8, 2009

Nature's Way Nursery 2009-1- big ponderosa demo

This is a ponderosa pin, Pi9nus ponderosa. It is between 500 and 1,00 years old. One would have to go a long way to find a more impressive ponderosa pine. On the second day I did a demo to show what would be done professionally to bring this piece a step further. The aim was not to end up with a wonderful bonsai. Next year it will be seriously styled with wire and so.


Wolfgang said...

Good to show only the FIRST step to bring this pine on the way, Jim & Walter.
Many other bonsai demonstrators would show what they are able to to with a pine like this and maybe the tree would die after the first styling. - That would be the wrong way!
This tree is a few hundred years old and it is the right of this ponderosa pine to have time enough to get a wonderful bonsai.
Congratulations, you did a very good job! - Hope the "other" bonsai demontrators will see this how to bring an amazing tree on its way!!
See you!

Shaukat Islam said...


What an awesome material this is! Too good to be true....

Would eagerly await to see your work next year, after the tree bursts with new shoots this year.

How long this tree has been in its present pot, after collection?


Shaukat Islam said...


What an awesome tree! For how long it has been in this pot?


Walter Pall said...


this was in the pot since three yeas. The secret is to find a tree that lives in a rock pocket and can be collected with an almost intact root ball. If not it is usually not collectible. But such trees are EXTREMELY rare!