Saturday, December 14, 2013

Events at Nature's Way Nursery in 2014

You saw the report of the International Bonsai Academy in Harrisburg,
Pa. Here are some images of the nursery after the seminar. Three days
later the trees were stored away. But the trees are still there and they
are all for sale. So visit Nature's Way Nursery any time in winter.

We will continue the International Bonsai Academy in Harrisburg in 2014.

Woodstock VII will take place from April 4 to April 6, 2014. This is part of the International Bonsai Academy.

The program is similar to the winter academy. We always do whatever can
and should be done at the time of the year. In spring, of course, we
will do a lot of repotting. We will also do more wiring than in winter.

For the workshops you can bring your own trees and/or can also work with
collected trees from the nursery. Yes, that's right. We will let  you
loose on collected trees that you don't have to purchase. You can

There are already around 400 trees available now. At the end of March
2014 there will be almost 400 more. Of these new trees around 250 will
be collected trees again, mainly Engelmann spruce of all sizes,
ponderosa pines Rocky Mountain Junipers, limber pines, Douglas firs and
others. This will then be more than 600 very good collected trees
I am not aware whether there is a nursery in all of America which has
such a lot of quality collected stuff. East of the Rocky Mountains
Nature's Way Nursery is THE source for quality collected trees.The price
range is from 45 upwards. The majority is priced in the range of 50 to
400. There will also be more than 100 deciduous nursery trees: European
larch, Japanese larch, trident maples, Japanese maples, field maples,
French maples, stewartia, bald cypress and others. All these nursery
trees have very good nebari, good taper and ramification. They are all
medium size and ready for styling. The price range is typically from 200
to 300.

In addition we already have fixed the next 'Winter with Walter and Jim' for December 5 to 7, 2014. The program is the same as in 2013.

The big Rocky Mountain juniper will be styled by Mauro Stemberger as a special event in spring of 2014. Don't miss this one!

Enrollments have already begun for all events. Secure your seat and call Jim Doyle now:

Call Nature's Way Nursery (Jim Doyle) for more information or signing in



Please read the website for class information:

If you want them to mail a schedule let them know your mailing address.

In both events it will be possible to participate as

-full member three days

-full member one or two days

-silent observer for a fee for one to three days ( this is specially
recommend for beginners and those who don't feel that they want to
actually work on trees)

-lurkers for free for 20 to 30 minutes to see what's going on and to decide whether you want to participate immediately or alter

You have the chance to see and purchase exquisite collected American
material. This is true for everyone. You don't need to be part of the
programs. There will be a special discount just on these days.

I look forward to see you there.

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