Saturday, October 15, 2011

Expo 2011 in NC - the demonstration

On Saturday afternoon I spent 90 minutes for my lecture on 'naturalistic bosnai style'.
Afterwards I worked on this Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris. In my eyes it was not ideal material to form a conventional bonsai. But it was excellent material to form a naturalistic pine image. Anyway, the outcome is only the first stage, as always. The virtuals show the development of the crown within the next years. The last three images show pine trees in nature which were the form that I was aiming at.I was assisted by John and ken and thank them for this.
As long as the overwhelming number of azaleas look like an abstract pine tree with flowers, as long as the overwhelming number of junipers look like a pine tree that was styled by a Kimuraist, as long as a great number of broadleaved trees look like an ideal pine tree - I take the liberty to style a Scots pine to look like some of the pines out there, which have a crown which reminds us of a broadleaved tree.

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