Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2011 #1

The Bavarian Bonsai Days cover an area of mostly southeastern Bavaria which is a province of Germany. They are held biannually and get a lot of attention by the local bonsai scene. h3er a a few of the trees which all come from bonsai enthusiasts of the area.


Anonymous said...

Dear Walter

The quercus looks very nice. Good quercus bonsai are very rare. Why?
Don´t you have any raw material in europe? Or do quercus need too much time to develop?

Walter Pall said...

We have endless quercus in Europe, also many bonsai. But the majority of them are just not good enough for exhibit. The main obstacle is that quercus has absolutely no talent to look like a bonsai. But it has a lot of talent to look like an oak. Like in America a majority of folks just don't get it. It is not in the books and therefore it cannot be.
Another thing is tahat an oak bonsai has to be a rahter large tree to have good proportios becasue of the foliage size.