Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jim Doyle at Igor Barta's

Jim Doyle, Walter Sedlaczek and WP visited Igor Barta just east of Prague, Czech Republic. We went there because Jim wanted to meet the President of the European Suiseki Association. And we found the most amazing bonsai shohin and mame collection. The quality of the trees is stunning - and the man is hardly known. The majority of trees Igor made himself from cuttings and seedlings over the past 30 years. And Jim says that he has never ever seen a better suiseki collection. The quality and quantity blew him away. Jim called Igor a true Rennaissence-man who does many other things to perfection besides stones and trees.

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Ryan N said...

Walter, Igor's collection is truly stunning. I am always pleasantly surprised when pictures fool me and I realize that the trees are actually smaller than I had expected (which seldom happens anymore). Thank you for all your hard work taking pictures and posting them. At times I feel as though I'm traveling with you around the world.