Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jim Dolye at Walter Sedlaczek's and the end of the tour

Jim at last visited Walter who lives in Holzkirchen, which is just south of Munich, Germany. Walter has been doing bonsai since three years only. His collection in no way reflects the skills he already has.

This was the end of the journey. Almost 4,000 kilometers 2,500 miles), six countries in ten days. It was not a vacation, but we had more experiences than most have in many years. I worked thourgh almost 1,000 photographs which I edit individually with photoshop. This takes more time than just taking the shots. Anyway, it was a trip that none of us will forget. Thank you all for your hospitality, Thank your Walter for the driving. We went with Walter's car because the air conditioning is so much better. And it was necessary.

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Philipp Reinfurt said...

when are you going to visit me ;)