Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woodstock IV, Nature's Way Nursery

Nature's Way Nursery, 1451 Pleasant Hill Rd.
Harrisburg, PA 17112

spring open house may 7, 2011 with Ryan Neil

There are about 300 collected trees there. a few dozen are outright world class, many very good, all hand selected by myself. There are over 170 trees in the range from US$ 45 to 600, about 50 from 600 to 1,500. Everybody can find himself a genuine American collected tree.
They give guarantee for recently collected stuff as long as you leave it in the nursery - money back or credit in case the tree did not make it. There are over 100 collected trees which are very well established and can be worked on right away.

I am not aware whether there is a nursery in all of  America which has such a lot quality collected stuff to offer. East of the Rockies Nature's Way Nursery is THE source for quality collected trees.

In spring of 2012 there will be about 150 or more new trees again. Woodstock V as part of the International Bonsai Academy with Walter Pall will be held from March 30 to April 2 again. On April 2 there will be tow workshops again, one with ponderosa pines.

Winter with Walter and Jim will be held again from December 2 to December 3. Bonsai Academy with bring your own workshop.

I look forward to see you all there.


Dan W. said...


I know that you select many of the trees for Woodstock from Randy Knight. Who else do you select material from? Andy Smith, Larry Jackel, Daniel Robinson and Harold Sasaki are some other collectors I know of.

Walter Pall said...

Dan, Why should we reveal our sources??

Dan W. said...

Sorry Walter, I have other reasons for asking. I will get ahold of you more privately if you don't mind conversing with me a bit. I really don't want to hurt your business or steal it either.