Friday, October 30, 2009

very advanced broadleaved styling workshop #13

This is the mightiest Carpinus orientalis of the collection.


Michael said...

Dear Walter,
I don't know if you respond to old posts, but I have been wondering for a few years now how you extract such large yamadori? These trees must have very large, spread-out root balls and taking such a small amount must leave few feeder roots. Also, do you place them directly into a bonsai substrate?

Walter Pall said...


sure I respond to old posts.
These trees are dug out by two people and it takes a few hours sometimes for a single tree. These species can stand loosing most of their roots though. They are placed directly into these boxes with modern bonsai substrate.


Marija said...

this trees Andrija and I have collected very quickly in compare to others. Also we have saved complete rootball because it was shallow in the ground, and big slabs in it prevent roots to go deeper. So in this case we were lucky. Much harder part was to bring it in the car ... ;)