Friday, October 30, 2009

very advanced broadleaved styling workshop #1

I spent two full days with Marija and Andrija in Castel, near Split, Croatia. They have around 50 breathtaking pieces of material, all broadleaved with one exception. All trees were collected by them, most in the past couple of years. All trees are very early in their development, some are as found and just cut back. We spent these tow days going through the whole collection, piece by piece. Every single tree was analyzed thoroughly, fronts were picked, major decisions were discussed. And then it was done!. No excuses, like 'this is the wrong time of year', 'we will have to think about it', 'we will do this in spring'. We went through the crucial cuts right there.
In the life or a bonsai these are the most critical minutes. her it will be decided whether this tree will be great or just good. The rest then is a lot of work, of course. But this is more craft than art. Marija and Andrija will have one full year for all the work and it will be inspected in October 2010.

First teh new pots were selected for some trees.


Andrija Zokic said...

Just a perfect day.

David said...

Incredible material! I look forward to see more of them in the coming years. Didn't know Pistache grow in Croatia. Thought they preferred very hot climates.
Tx for sharing Walter.

Walter Pall said...

David, palm trees grow on the promenade along the shore in cities like Split and olive trees. How much warmer do you want it?