Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bonsai in Croatia 2009-1-6

Czajko and his European beech, Fagus sylvatica. We decided to do an airlayer right away because this is a good time for it.


Atreau said...

Walter, im curious to know wwhy he decided to airlayer at the base like that. Was it done to lower total height or because there was not a good original root ball or what?

Anonymous said...

what will the airlayering do walter...
to shorten?
original rootball not well enough?
ame i even close?

Walter Pall said...

When we discussed the tree we said that the crown would lend itself to a nice leaning tree going into the direction of windswept. No, not windswept, but growing into th light at the edge of a forest or from a cliff. We said too bad the nebari is VERY BAD. O explained that on Fagus this is what one has to expect and that the nebari would never ever become good if you don't do something against it. so airlayering came up. I explained that this is a technique that everybody has heard about but the majority would not dare it. I then explained why and how it works an then Czajko did it right there. I think this is a good point to show the merits of this way of having a demonstration.