Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonsai in Croatia 2009-1-1

This is the amazing material collection of Sebastian near Zagreb, Croatia. Two years ago Sebastian realized that what he had as bonsai up to that time would qualify as toys and he understood that the basis to really impressive bonsai is impressive material. He certainly has licked blood and most of the trees shown here were collected in the past six months in Croatia. They are Ligustrum, Prunus mahaleb, Carpinus orientalis, Picea abies, Taxus, Pinus mugo, Ostyria carpinifolia and some more. Sebastian certainly has an eye for potential. In a few years he will have a killer collection. I am afraid he will continue to collect and have to lease a large field to store all the monsters.
Sebastian was the key figure in organizing the 3rd East European Bonsai Symposium. This used to be held in Kastel near Split, Croatia and this year the venue was in Bistra near Zagreb, Croatia. I think that his wife Duda will be a good sport though and continue to support him as she does so well up to now.
Thank you for a great weekend and experience.

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