Sunday, March 29, 2009

visit to Marco Merschel

Marco Merschel lives in Bavaria, Germany. With his old job he had access to most outstanding collecting areas in the Alps. Now he has one of the mindblowing collections of raw material that I know of. Most are mugo pines. Marco is very young and will be known much better as soon as his trees get into ehibition stage. It was a pleasure today to vistit him and his lovely wife. The cake was very good, thank you.


Matija Triglav said...

This is just insane! What job did he had? I love what I see here. To see so good material it gives me energy to go out and search for it... .


Andrija Zokic said...

Great trees, especially mugo cascade.

Anonymous said...

wo lebt er??
kann man ihn besuchen??
tel. o. a.

Walter Pall said...

Im will not forward addresses of my friends on the net. No way!