Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Versailles 2007, the exhibit - part 1

From June 1 to June 3 2007 the great EDG Conventioin took place in Versailles, France. As in many other countries the feeling is that something more has to be done to develop the art of bonsai. Thus the trend is for a few individuals to more or less privately organize conventions and exhibits and only look for quality, without politics. Many countries in Europe have at least one great show which belongs to the 'Grand Slam Bonsai Conventions'. This one was the first of hopefully many more to come in France.

Near the Great Trianon in the park of the Versailles castle there is the old Orangerie in which the trees where exhibited.

1 and 2) overview 
3) Pinus mugo
4) Pinus uncinata
5) Olea europea
6) Pinus sylvestris
7) Pinsu sylvestris
8) Taxus baccata
9) Picea abies

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Anonymous said...

Dear Walter,
We assume we are part of a great bonsaï family, and things can improve only through sharing. You gave your time and a great deal of energy during this last week end and we are very grateful for this.
We suspect the individual who wrote that message was at least very clumsy, that behaviour do not represent the vast majority of our members. We are really sorry for this.
We just hope that you will keep good feelings of this week end, and that you'll come again to share your experience.

EDG Forum mederators