Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Versailles 200 7, the social side

As all around the world this convention was about meeting people, seeing old friends an making new ones. But maybe even more so.

The convention dinner beat everything that I ever have experienced in the world. And it probably was the cheapest oen too. All participants were asked to bring a few things, like wine, cheese, pickles, bread, sausabe, ham etc. The result were 50 diferent sorts of excellent cheese, more than 50 difernt excellent sors of wine, liquer, schnaps, pickles, crackers, bread, sweets, stuff all over the plac. Unbelievable!
No speeches and absolutely no utterly superfluous raffles.

Thank you very much for your great hospitality!


Anonymous said...

Nice dinner indeed.
By the way, I really have to tell you that my most favourite tree was one of yours....; I mean the little japanese mapple with the hollow trunk. This one is absolutely delightful and I really fell in love with it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Walter, the most important was this spirit of friendship which blowed during 3 days.
The trees were amazing, the artists "human", and the spectators so happy...
And the most happy is me, one of the organizer...
Michel Sacal